Ruben Angelo
Ruben Angelo

Ruben Angelo is an American actor, singer, writer and producer best known for his work within independent film.

Growing up in a fairly musical family, Angelo began his entertainment career at the age of 5. Throughout his life, the love for music and film have provided him with many opportunities to garner roles that have fostered both personal and professional growth. His determination to better understand all aspects of the industry has strengthened his desire to be as well rounded as possible for the sake of the art.

In 2010, he decided to re-focus on what he does best, acting, and has completed close to 26 feature and short film projects. As of recent, he has received great response for his leading portrayal of a man faced with the inevitable in "Time of Death" and for his critically acclaimed breakout performances in "SoulmanTheMovie" and "Ten To Eternity". Fortunate to have worked with some of the best production and acting talent in the industry, Angelo is excited for what the future has in store. Including many web, television, and feature film projects that are currently in pre and post production. One of which is the tv series "H.O.P.E", slotted for 2013 release.

With an undying determination to continually grow in his abilities and a talent for wearing many different hats, Ruben Angelo is one actor/filmmaker who you will definitely see more of in the future.